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HR Solutions & Specialised Recruitment

Providing a recruitment platform to identify the best talent across disciplines including Accounting, Banking & Financial Services, Business Support, HR, Information Technology and Construction, Property & Engineering. With specialist consultants dedicated to each discipline, we select the best skills to build client’s company potential.

We proudly state that our consultancy provides the best quality staff and fulfills all the H.R related requirements.We are in a position to provide you with the best candidates from different parts of country.We have large database of experienced professionals as well as fresher’s.

We can help the companies for recruitments in every field and from every part of India. Our operational system is divided according to different professions, so that every applicant is thoroughly scrutinized before sending at your end. Every department has experts from different fields. This helps in the short-listing of the quality candidates.The candidates are not only checked up on academic grounds but alsoon their personality traits.

Request proposal by sending us your enquiry at hr@mibgs.com

Outsourcing & Consulting

MIBGS offers innovative talent management solutions and advises on talent supply chain strategies. We partner with potential group of clients to develop customizable outsource and consulting solutions to align your talent strategy with your business strategy. We can manage your contingent workforce in a vendor neutral environment, as well as provide operational management of entire departments while you focus on what matters most – Your Core Business.

International Student Recruitment

MIB Education Consultants offer reliable and professional advice on study abroad opportunities to Indians. MIBGS is a complete International Recruitment system that fits in to your culture and practices for improved and efficient delivery of targets. Our Education Consulting Team is headed by MIB College’s experts combined, they have over 30 years of experience in overseas education services, in addition to a professional and reliable team of well-trained Education Advisors.

Corporate Training

MIBGS offer a range of business support, skills development, business growth and mentorship solutions through our proven and effective programmes. For more information on corporate programmes, mail to corporate@mibgs.com

Career Development Training

Our Career development and training programmes offers a holis c prac cal training in the areas of career management, personality maintenance, IT, idea pitching and other freelance opportunities. Also Stands to change the youths unemployment field and provide with the current market opportunities, by training through one hundered percent practical based work shops and aims to enhance the human capital value and decrease the unemployment rate in India through 4 major areas.

Internet Marketing

Services include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Conversion Optimization, PR Marketing, Lead Generation and E-Mail Marketing.

Website Development

We are highly regarded web design team with a team of experienced designers and developers that can create sites optimized for search engines and conversions. Our web design projects lay a great foundation for continued SEO work.

For enquiries, kindly reach us at:

Email: enquiry@mibgs.com

Phone: 080-28387799 / 96202 90909